Skin Cancer Checks

Skin Checks

On your first visit your doctor will perform a comprehensive skin check. If you feel comfortable this means undressing down to your underwear so please wear clothing that is easy to remove.

If your doctor is particularly concerned about a particular skin lesion they will perform either a biopsy (where a small sample of skin is taken under local anaesthetic and then sent to the laboratory for further examination), or book an excision (where a suspect skin lesion is removed entirely).

Once any skin cancers or pre-cancerous skin lesions have been addressed, your doctor will then give you a personalised plan for future skin checks and skin cancer prevention.

If you have any concerns regarding how skin checks or excisions are performed please contact our team.


Skin Checks Prices – Private patients 

$150 New patients/ $110 Recurrent private patients 

Skin Checks Prices – Concession card holders

$110 New patients/$70 Recurrent concession card holders

*Medicare Rebates Apply | Bulk billing available at our Medowie clinic for concession card holders

Excisions from $150 **Excision costs vary on a case by case basis and depend on complexity



What is Your Doctor Looking For?

Through their dermatopscope doctors can see lesions amplified up to 10 times their size, this allows them to identify microscopic changes to a lesions:

  • Symmetry
  • The clarity of the border
  • The colour of the pigmentation, whether there is any signs of black,blue,red,white or grey hues
  • The size and diameter
  • Whether the spots are changing or growing

Any of these changes could mean that the lesion has changed and become cancerous.

It is your doctors job to diagnose cancers but you will know better than anyone if something has changed.

A simple guide to help you detect early signs is to SCAN.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are skin checks bulk billed?
We currently only offer bulk billing at our Medowie clinic. Skin checks are not bulk billed at our Maitland clinic, we do offer discounts to concession card holders and you do receive a rebate back from Medicare. As our prices change due to any alterations made by Medicare it is best to call and chat to our reception staff who will give you accurate figures.

Can I claim anything back from private health?
Unfortunately, private health does not cover skin checks.

At what age should I start having my skin checked?
18 years old is the recommended age for routine checks but our doctors are happy to see younger children if there are any concerns.

How often should I have my skin checked?
This will vary per person but it is recommended to have your skin checked at least every 12 months. Your doctor may request shorter intervals at 6 or 3 months.

Will I always see the same doctor?
Unless you request to see the same doctor for your regular skin checks our reception staff will offer our next available doctor, as all our doctors are trained and qualified. They will also have access to any previous notes on your file.

Can I book before my regular skin check?
Yes, if you have a lesion that has come up or changed you can book for a full skin check or we can book a single spot check with the doctor you saw last time.

Can I book straight in to have a procedure or do I need to have skin check?
Our doctors need to see you before we can book you for a procedure, this is so they can determine the length of time required to be able to treat you properly.
It will also avoid any unnecessarily surgical procedure or scarring especially as we offer cosmetic treatments for lesions benign lesions.