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On your first visit your doctor will perform a comprehensive skin check. If you feel comfortable this means undressing down to your underwear so please wear clothing that is easy to remove.
If your doctor is particularly concerned about a particular skin lesion they can perform either a biopsy, a small sample of skin is taken under local anaesthetic and then sent to the laboratory for further examination.
Once any skin cancers or pre-cancerous skin lesions have been addressed, your doctor will then give you a personalised plan for future skin checks and skin cancer prevention.


If you have any concerns regarding how skin checks or excisions are performed please contact our team.  


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Skin Checks $110 ($70 with Concession)
Excisions From $150 *Excision costs vary on a case by case basis and depend on complexity

Types of Skin Cancer

There are 3 main types of skin cancer

Basal Cell Cancer
This is the most common skin cancer It is the least aggressive of all the skin cancers and is slow growing. It can appear as an ulcer or pimple like lesion that doesn’t heal, red patch similar to eczema, or a shiny lump.

Squamous cell cancer
These are more dangerous than BCCs and have more potential to spread. They can be slow or grow rapidly. They often appear as a crusty painful lump or look like a patch of psoriasis. They can bleed and ulcerate.

This is the most dangerous of all the skin cancers. About 40% will develop from existing moles and 60% will appear as a new mole or nodule. They can spread if left untreated. The melanoma does not always occur in locations which are exposed to the sun. If you have any new or changing lesions book in for a skin check straight away.

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